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“If we buy direct from the builder, do we still need a realtor?”

"If we buy direct from the builder, do we still need a realtor? "


Regardless whether their sales person is a licensed realtor, or an unlicensed sales associate, they are working for the builder, not you. They possess invaluable product knowledge, and should be able to answer all of your questions about the new build,  but their best interests are those of the builder, not yours.

You need someone on your side, a partner in the purchase who will lead in negotiating price, upgrades, improvements, terms etc . And that’s just the beginning. Perusing and understanding a lengthy contract, specification sheets, Disclosure statements, amendments, building plans and lots more, is something that we specialize in.


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Rescission Periods

“So what happens if we change our mind?”

 If you’ve just entered into a purchase agreement on a brand new condominium, townhouse or detached home, then changing your mind is your right.

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Rain Screen

What does “Rain Screen” mean?


In the simplest of terms, it is a wall built to protect a wall. It was an idea that was born out of necessity in the late 1980’s or early 90’s during the “Leaky Condo” era. Low rise condominium buildings were being built (mostly on the lower mainland) that were using exterior cladding that was not fully weather resistant.

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Lowered 5 year fixed mortage rate

The Royal Bank of Canada has lowered its 5 year fixed mortage rate from 3.89% to 3.74%.

In it’s wake the other major big banks will undoubtedly follow. Their reasons are typically analytical, thoughts that the economy is not recovering as expected, and a drop in bond yields. However, two other factors are at play offering welcome relief to home buyers. The market has mellowed somewhat and a volatile sellers market is transitioning to something much more buyer friendly. Also, the non big 6 lenders, are heeding quicker to this change and offering up more attractive rates and terms.

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