Not all realtors were created alike

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Yes we are all licensed and yes we are all bound by the stringent laws of the Real Estate Services Act, but we all approach our profession a little differently. Real estate takes on many different guises; commercial, residential, recreational, waterfront, condominium etc. Some Realtors choose to generalize, knowing a little bit about each of the various categories (like your family doctor) and that’s healthy. But sometimes you need to see a specialist. So choose your specialist wisely. You probably wouldn’t go see a Podiatrist for a brain tumor. And it’s doubtful that a Wills and Estates lawyer would be your best bet to litigate your claim with ICBC.

 Those of us that do choose to specialize, do so for a reason, and it usually reflects our own personal interests. Some like to work with first time buyers, some with retirees. Some specialize in homes with suites and others in waterfront properties. We at TourignyHayer and Associates love brand new homes, kinda like most folks love brand new cars.


Considering a brand new home?

 So if you’re in the market for a brand new home or pre-sale, choose a realtor whose expertise in construction and construction contracts will get you the best home and terms imaginable. That’s where we come in. We’ve been building and buying for ourselves and our clients for a very long time, through all kinds of markets, including those when interest rates were in the double digits. We’ve poured over and negotiated hundreds of new build and pre-sale contracts. When we represent our buyer clients, we scrutinize the terms and documents as though we were buying the home for ourselves. 

 Pre sales.

 Pre sales present their own special risks and challenges. Because their completion dates are so far off in the future, they may not be the best idea for anxious first time buyers. However, for that same reason, they give you an extended period of time to save up your down payment.  But they are not for the faint of heart. If the market drops from the time that you’ve purchased, you may be facing a loss before you even move in. And unless you’ve chosen an experienced and credible builder, your new home may take much longer to complete, if at all. However for experienced or savvy buyers, they offer the opportunity for you to participate in the appreciation of two or more properties at the same time.  

 Most importantly, we can’t over emphasize the importance of starting your homework at the very infancy of your house hunting search.

 How should you prepare?  

  1. Contact us. After an initial meeting to establish your goals and your parameters, we will set you up on an email program that will send you qualified listings as soon as they hit the market. We will also explain all that you should know about buying brand new.
  2. Get pre-qualified. You don’t want to miss the perfect opportunity because you haven’t arranged your financing. Worst yet, you don’t want to fall in love with a home that you can’t afford. 
  3. Get to know prices, current market conditions and product options in your area. This you’ll learn after exposure to a reasonable number of listings and sales that we’ll be sending you.


 A dream will only remain a dream until you act upon it. Contact us now so we can help you turn your dream into reality.